👋 Hey folks! I'm Alex

I'm passionate about building high-performance engineering teams as well as scalable software.

On this site I post my thoughts, findings, opinions on all things related to software engineering: from building high-performance engineering teams and achieving ultimate alignment across tech organization to software architecture notes.


  1. ⚡️ Leading Brilliant Consulting - from day 0 globally distributed software consultancy focused on helping companies reduce risk when delivering their software to end users, building alignment and high-performance teams along the way.
  2. 🎬 Recording videos about building high-performance teams and process of creating software. Watch them on my YouTube channel.
  3. 🗺 Building Tech Atlas - A coaching tool that guides and supports engineering leaders allowing them to discover techniques and practices used by high-performance teams around the world, help them build up alignment within the team and derisk software development.
  4. 🚀 Launching ALTO - a product that helps engineering leaders improve software development processes of running remote-first engineering teams through timely, contextual and actionable insights.

In the past

Over 15 years of experience delivering successful software projects and working with globally distributed teams to achieve results faster, including:

  • 💰 Chief Architect in the development and delivery of a new platform and MVP for an e-commerce company with $300m+ in annual reported revenue
  • ⚙️ Modernized 20-year old travel platform in record time to support growing needs: from Java monolith to modern experience on React and GRPC microservices on a backend to increase speed of delivery and reliability
  • 👜 Lead the architecture group that consistently delivered on time and on budget for an e-commerce startup that pioneered concept of "flash sales" and was acquired by Groupon

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